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How To Improve Single Leg Jumping Power

I recently received a question from one of the commenters on this site.

His question was:

“How do I improve my single leg jumping explosiveness? I’ve noticed that when I jump off my left leg it doesn’t appear to have the same power jumping off my right leg.”

His question is two fold. He wants to increase his jumping power, and he wants to know why he jumps higher off one leg than the other leg.

The scenario in this case is that you jump off your left leg, you jump high. You jump off your right leg, you find yourself awkward. You find yourself not jumping very high.

Here’s what’s going on. This is not a question of strength or even a question of quickness, per se.

The same thing actually happens when you throw a baseball. Throw a baseball with your strong hand and you’re going to find you can throw that ball with a lot of coordination.

strong hand

I couldn’t help myself.

You throw it with your offhand, you’re going to find yourself throwing in an uncoordinated way.

Your offhand is going to be awkward. Why is that?

It occurs because you’ve always thrown with one particular hand. You now have what’s called muscle memory.

What muscle memory does is it activates your muscles with an optimal pattern. That’s the long way of saying it makes you more coordinated, it even makes you more explosive.

If you want to jump just as high off your right leg as your left leg, you’ve got to start practicing jumping just as much off your right leg.

Right now, you’re doing all your layups, all your dunks, all your jumps with your left leg.

You have to work that athletic coordinated pattern into your right leg as well.

So to make a quick summary, what you really need to do is practice on your off leg and you need to practice every single day.

Try and practice as much as you jump off your good leg, practice just as much off your weak leg as well.

This will really help you jump higher quickly.

That leg is just as strong.

It’s just as capable of producing force, it’s just not as coordinated.

If you have other questions or a followup, just let me know.

There is a comment box below where you can leave messages for me. I’ll try to check and respond to them as frequently as I can.

Thanks for reading.

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