Quick Tip: How to Instantly Jump Higher Off One Leg

Let’s talk about how you can increase your vertical right now. I mean a technique that you can do right now, walk outside, and jump 2 to 6 inches higher. In order to understand this technique you’ve got to understand that in track and field this is very important. Jumping technique is extremely important to them, and they really focus on their lower body explosiveness and timing.

Below I’m going to show you specifically how to jump higher off of one leg.

Getting Popped With The Long-Short Technique

Let me just show you something real quick. Sorry in advance for the poor image quality.

penultimate step

This is an Olympic track and field long jumper.

Notice his second to last step. Look how long that step is. Look at the last step. Look how short. It’s almost half, maybe less then half of the other one.

Now take a look at another image.

vince carter jump

This is Vince Carter. He’s about to jump from the free throw line. That is Vince Carter, not Michael Jordan! Notice he’s taking a long step and then a shorter step right afterwards.

And another example.

jump higher off one leg

LeBron James doing the same thing in this picture. A long step and then a short step.

Why are athletes doing this?

This is called the penultimate step. In track and field they know if you take a long step and then a short step, and you do this very quickly and properly, it will pop you up in the air because the long step brings your body down and the short step pops your body up.

We call this getting popped, and I personally like to call it the “long-short technique”.

It’s like a trampoline effect. It’s something you can go outside and try right now.

You have to take a longer step, follow it by a shorter step. It’s very important that you don’t take too long of a second to last step. If that step is too long it’s going to slow the entire movement down. You’re actually going to jump lower. It’s a very proper specific way to train this to do it right.

In track and field they do the same steps every single time so they can do this very systematically.

As a basketball player you have to learn to feel this out so that you can do it from all the different angles that you’ll be approaching the rim at.

After a bit of practice you’ll begin to get this down and really start to see the benefits of this technique. Try it out and let me know your results!

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