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Top Vertical Jump Training Program Reviews

Jump Manual Review | Vertical Jump Bible Review

lebron dunkingHere is a list of the two most powerful vertical jump programs on the market today. These programs will provide you with solid information and techniques to help you take your jumping to the next level. I have used a lot of user feedback, along with my own experiences, to help get this list down to what I think are the two best programs availiable.

These programs use solid training techniques that include aspects of recovery, plyometrics for explosiveness, and weight training for maximum strength. A lot of other vertical jump programs fail to cover one or more of these areas and I have found that they also fail to provide the user with optimal results.

The Vertical Jump Bible and The Jump Manual are very comparable programs in terms of the results that you will see from using them and the quality of information that they present. The Jump Manual is rated #1 due to that fact that I’ve had several novice athletes tell me that they have found the Jump Bible a bit hard to follow. This is because the exercises are only explained through text and photos, and there is no support offered by the author. Conversely, The Jump Manual offers video explanations of each exercise, one-on-one support, and a strong guarantee. Overall, I think The Jump Manual is the best investment even at the slightly higher price tag.

The Only Programs I Recommend

#1 The Jump Manual

jump manual

The Jump Manual is my #1 pick for the top vertical jump program. I’ve found a lot of positive feedback on many sports forums on the net to go along with the research I’ve done on this program. The Jump Manual uses a lot of proven techniques to help you increase your vertical jump, and the author provides some strong motivational support to help you continue to work towards your goals.

The Jump Manual focuses on nutrition and its importance for increased vertical jump. It also has 9 key elements such as balance, flexibility, jumping form, etc. that you must focus on if you want to make any gains on your jumping ability. I found these tips to be very helpful and very informative. The other thing you’ll get with this program is access to a forum where you can chat with other athletes. You can also get access to one-on-one training if you want it, full video explanations of each exercise, and an exact nutrition plan to follow.

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#2 The Vertical Jump Bible

vertical jump bibleThis program is the one of the best I have found/used so far. I can hardly ever find any negative feedback on forums. I personally used this program to add about 8 inches to my vertical jump in 2 months. This is definitely a great accomplishment by any standard. This program has a TON of information about improving your vertical jump. It actually seems a bit overwhelming when you first read it, and this can definitely be a downside for novice athletes.

Each of the workouts is broken down into levels from complete novice to advanced athlete. This is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all program. It is designed with every type of athlete in mind..one of the many reasons why I liked this program so much.

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